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We’ve all heard the stories- buying a home in the Bay Area is not easy. While this can be true for some buyer’s, it’s not the case for my clients. Education and strategy are the two components that make me unmatched to other agents. It also gives my clients the winning and competitive edge needed in today’s market.


My knowledge of the market and what homes will actually sell for it unparalleled to any other agent out there. Clients and agents have referred to me as the “house whisperer” for anticipated sale prices. Fun fact- 95% of my buyers get their 1st or 2nd offer accepted.

How the home buying process works and what to expect:

The initial consultation is a vital part of the home buying process and can make the difference from a successful and non successful buyer. During this time we will discuss:

  • Your goals, objectives, and timelines in deep detail
  • How you plan to purchase your home. Financing or cash
  • The specifics of what you are looking for in a home
  • Different neighborhoods that could be potential fits
  • Neighborhood pricing trends. List price vs. what homes actually sell for
  • How the home buying process works from start to finish
  • Create a custom strategy to enable to you be a confident and successful buyer
  • I will orchestrate a list of homes I think could be potentially good fits for my clients
  • We start of broad and narrow down. I want my clients to be fully informed on all their options
  • We will tour homes together. Understanding how my clients respond and feel about homes, helps me better understand exactly what they are looking for and whether or not we need to re-calibrate our search.
  • I will do an extensive search through my networks to find any possible off-market opportunities
  • Broker’s tours. If so some reason my clients view a home on their own, I will view the home during broker tours on Tuesday and share my feedback with the client

We want to win. Here’s how we do it:


  • Review comparable sales in the recent months
  • Behind the scenes research on the subject property
  • Discuss how to make your offer competitive and most attractive to the seller
  • Compile all necessary documents needed to accompany the offer
  • Submit your offer

Congratulations, our offer was accepted! Here are the next steps:


  • Meeting contractual timelines
  • Lender communication
  • Escrow instructions
  • Document signings

You officially own the home now and we celebrate. Read more about buyer closing costs in San Francisco below.

I am still your trusty real estate adviser and want to be your go-to all things real estate. If your looking to do some work to the home, I have an extensive list of vendors who can help.


Buyer’s Closing Costs in San Francisco:

How buyers and sellers in San Francisco split the closing costs is ultimately decided in the purchase contract itself, but the list below is generally how they are split in San Francisco County.

As a Buyer, expect that 1% to 3% of the purchase price will be your closing cost estimate, with consideration of any loan points by your lender.

Note: The big costs for buyers are for escrow fees and title insurance, home inspections (if applicable), the first year of hazard insurance and property tax pro-rations, if any.

Customary Buyer’s Closing Costs:

The information below is from the website of the San Francisco Treasurer office, as of July 2018:

Property Taxes in San Francisco

Property Tax Rate = 1.1630%

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He works tirelessly to ensure that each client, whether buying or selling, realizes the maximum value from their investment.

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